WintherStormer modular

The WintherStormer modular is a DIY analog modular synthesizer. Erik Stormer and Terje Winther has build several large cabinets containing the various modules. This is an ongoing project, and right now we struggle on how to make front panels. Many of the modules we have make ourselves, others we have bought readymade or in kit form. The various cabinets have been made partly by a professional cabinet-maker, and partly by ourself.

Two stacked cabinets, slightly old photo

Originally we choose two standards of height (3U and 5U) to match the different manufacturers, but we are in the process of switching to 5U height only. We originally choose the smaller 1/8" minijacks, as they are smaller, cost significantly less than large jacks, and is the standard used by the first two module makers we started out with. However, we are now turning to 1/4" jacks only and hopefully better quality pots as well. We have also changed knob styles to some moog look-a-like knobs. Most of the PCBs and front panels are designed and made by WintherStormer.

Power is distributed through massive dual ring-kernels to separate power distribution boards (one for +/-15V and one for +/-12V). We have completely refurbished the power connector system, and are now using MTA-156 connectors, so all our modules have had a change of connectors, inluding modules from commercial makers.

The various WintherStormer modular cabinets contains modules from a lot of different manufacturers, kit suppliers and general internet schematics. Many of the modules have circuit boards from Oakley Sound Systems (highly recommended!), and in addition we often make our own circuit boards from various sources.

As controllers we have CV keyboards and various step sequencers, and also Roland CV-sequencers and a custom build geiger-to-CV/trigger unit attached to the system, and when performing or rehearsing Erik Stormer and Terje Winther often share a master clock that feed clock dividers/clock sequencers.

The reason for building this thing is simple, and can be summed up in these words; Moog modular, Klaus Schulze, fun, music, disire, and besides; a man gotta have something to do.

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Modules on the inside