WintherStormer - concert 2012/01/17

WintherStormer played a concert at the "Sound of MU" club in Oslo, Norway on January 17th, 2012.

The club (which no longer exists) was fairly small, and had an installation at the time that occupied most of the space, so the band had to use very little gear and squeeze in between all the wood. Terje Winther and Erik Stormer on synths had to stand shoulder to shoulder while guitarist Atle Pakusch Gundersen was placed on the other side of a wooden semi-wall. Still, it was cozy and a good audience, and the band used this opportunity to play some new material live.

Link to the blog of Tom Ståle Engebretsen regarding this concert.

Bård Eirik Winther captured the concert on video, and here are two YouTube extracts:

Photos from the concert taken by Marius Ystad (used by permission):