WintherStormer - demonstration and concert 2010/02/14

WintherStormer performed a concert mixed with demonstration of analog synthesizers in the «music machines» department of "Norsk Teknisk Museum" (the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine) on February 14th, 2010 in Oslo. It was a bit special performing on instruments that was exactly the same as some of the instruments behind glass in the exhibition.

WintherStormer performed 3 sets of music, combined with lectures on analog synthesizers and demonatration of instruments and various controllers. In addition to the instrument WintherStormer used some instruments were set up so that the audience could participate and try out the instruments during the intermissions. Both kids, students and adults enjoyed the the music and action, and it gave the museum an added bonus and feeling of what the instruments in the exhibition were able to do.

Photos by Erik Stormer, Terje Winther and Marius Ystad:

The stage setup

Terje Winther´s rig

Erik Stormer explaining about analog synthese

Terje Winther performing on a joystick

WintherStormer (Erik Stormer to the left and Terje Winther to the right)

One of the visitors trying out an ARP Axxe

Another visitor trying out the Moog multimoog

Erik Stormer turning some knobs on the DIY modular

WintherStormer modulating some sounds on alternative controllers

Some instruments in the exhibition: Yamaha CS-80 and a dual Mellotron