WintherStormer - concert 2009/08/01

WintherStormer performed at the 10th anniversay Norbergfestival 2009 on Saturday 1st of August 2009. The one hour long concert took place in Mimerlaven - the old iron ore mine in the Swedish city of Norberg. All 4 members of the band put up a show with analog synths, modulars, sequencers, theremin, percussion, stylophone, ebowed guitar and what-not!

WintherStormer played 3 songs of approx. 20 minutes each; "Cucumber Salad" from the Electric Fairytales CD, and two new songs: "Summer Breeze I" and "Summer Breeze II". Lots and lots of positive feedback from the good crowd at our concert.

A review by Planet Origo:

A private video taken by Thomas Rump is up at Myspace Videos:

Here are some photos taken by the official festival photographer, Mr. Conny Fornbäck. He has an excellent web site with additional photos of the band - check them out at

Erik Stormer in action with patchcord ready:

Terje Winther on the modular:

Terje Winther also visited the "Camp 303" tent, where a lot of alternative music was going on, in addition to the analog delight. Here on a synthi and keyboard: (photo by Isak Nordell)