WintherStormer @ e-live - concert 2006/10/14

WintherStormer performed 3 sets at the «E-live» festival in Holland on 14th October 2006.

After a long travel through Norway, Denmark and Germany by rented van, we arrived in Eindhoven with a lot of gear, were we played in the «Glass hall» of the Technical University, Eindhoven. This was the first major gig for the band with all 4 members of WintherStormer involved - Atle Pakusch Gundersen, Erik Stormer, Geir Marthin Helland and Terje Winther. We got a lot of positive reactions, and we wish to thank everyone who attended.

WintherStormer released a limited edition live CD recorded of this concert that is now sold out, but the live recording can be bought from MusicZeit.

E-live web page:

Here are two youTube videos from the concert:

Photos - in no particular order: