WintherStormer - concert 2004/09/19

WintherStormer participated and performed at the OsloProg04 - The Oslo Prog Music Festival 2004. The festival was held at the «Amatøren» club during September 17th to 19th, and WintherStormer performed for a little over an hour on September 19th 2004. A large setup and responsive audience made this a concert to be remembered. Great thanks to Trond and all at the festival. You should have been there!

Here are some pictures and sound clips from the concert (photos: Marius Tollander):

Sound clip 1, from "The Return of the Big Noise" (1:40, 1,6MB)

Sound clip 2, from "The Day Hades Dissapeared" (2:41, 2,5MB)

Winther Stormer during soundcheck

Erik Stormer (left) and Terje Winther (right) tuning VCOs during soundcheck.

Winther Stormer live 1 Winther Stormer performing live. Note the two Winther Stormer modular synthesizers.
Winther Stormer live 2 Erik Stormer and Terje Winther blasting away.
moog! Beautiful moogs! And a very handy Yamaha polyphonic.
Terje Winther after concert Terje Winther after the concert. Gear: Minimoog and Yamaha SK-20 in front, Wavetech generator and Geiger-to-CV/trigger unit on top of Arrick/moog/MOTM modular to the right over Evolution keyboard and Roland VP-330; multimoog and mixer/effect rack to the left; and Winther Stormer modular in the rear.
Erik Stormer after concert Erik Stormer after the concert. Gear: large Winther Stormer modular with two extra custom build sequencers on top, doepfer ribbon controller and a keyboard. Heavy-duty large power-supply underneath the modular.