WintherStormer - concert 2002/11/30

WintherStormer performed «Pure Analog Forever part I and II» at a concert in the «Blå» club in Oslo, November 30th 2002.

Terje Winther and Erik Stormer on synthesizers, electronics and sequencers. Here are some pictures from the concert (photos: Terje Winther):

Erik Stormer during soundcheck in front of the Winther Stormer modular

The stage
Korg, moog, a modular analog synthesizer, some old electronic equipment... could it be any better?
Terje Winther´s rig, part 1: multimoog in front, the rear of the WintherStormer modular in the middle, and the mixer and effects rack in a wooden enclosure to the right.
Terje Winther´s rig, part 2: multimoog on top of Yamaha SK-20, Winther Stormer modular to the left with Evolution keyboard underneath.
Another angle. SEM module to the right of the Winther Stormer modular